Amazon Web Services - AWS

Promote innovation in your own company with the Amazon cloud.

Amazon Web Services - AWS

Mit der Cloud von Amazon Innovation im eigenen Unternehmen fördern.

AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services

Under the short version AWS, Amazon Web Services are already well known in some areas. The AWS division of the online mail order company has been expanded significantly in recent years and therefore offers a wide range of options and offers. Amazon Web Services not only provide database storage, but also computing power, content and other functions.

Amazon's web services are ideally suited for building demanding applications. But suitable offers are also available for smaller projects and infrastructure expansions. Thus, Amazon Web Services represent a needs-based solution for all companies that want to benefit from the variety of exciting and efficient options.

What does Amazon Web Services offer for businesses?

As in all other business areas of Amazon, the customer comes first in the AWS division. Amazon's web services not only impress with immediate access and a free contingent of AWS, but also numerous other functions for companies and their applications.

An important basis of Amazon Web Services is remote access, which enables all authorized employees to work remotely. Corporate customers can also receive extensive support from AWS Support within a very short time, should problems arise.

In addition, Amazon's web services allow you to start your first application within minutes. Because the basics are quickly understood through short tutorials and step-by-step solutions. You can start implementing your own application right away.

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Amazon Web Services with various solutions, such as:

  • Machine Learning
  • Analyzes & data lakes
  • Internet of things
  • Serverless data processing
  • Container
  • Enterprise applications
  • Storage
  • Windows workloads

More than a hundred products and solutions on one platform

Amazon Web Services combine innumerable different solutions, but also products and functions. This means that the diverse solutions from Amazon probably contain more products than you can even use. However, you usually only pay for the services that you as a company actually need.

Amazon offers different pricing models for its web services. In principle, however, you will receive a completely free contingent from AWS for the first twelve months. This means that switching to Amazon Web Services is usually not only worthwhile in the short term.

In addition, Amazon guarantees maximum data security and, in addition to numerous controls and audits, also relies on broad security certificates. In addition, Amazon Web Services make it extremely easy to create hybrid architectures for your company. In this way, you can expand your local company infrastructure into the cloud in just a few steps.

The advantages of Amazon Web Services at a glance

  • Maximum security for your data
  • Comprehensive controls & auditing
  • Easy expansion of your local infrastructure
  • Extremely fast & easy scalability
  • Simple adaptation to your own needs

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