Google Cloud Platform Services

Cost-effective and productive with the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Platform Services

Cost-effective and productive with the Google Cloud.

Google CLoud

Google Cloud Platform Services

As part of the diverse Google Cloud Platform Services, the technology group also offers a comprehensive cloud offering in addition to its numerous other online solutions. This not only includes numerous solutions for companies, but also offers all the tools for successful digitization.

Thus, the Google Cloud Platform Services make it possible to use countless different functions bundled on a reliable platform and use them for your own projects. With this, Google offers the ideal conditions to shape the digital future for your company yourself and to use all possible instruments.

What does Google Cloud Platform Services offer for businesses?

With the help of Google Cloud Platform Services, companies not only get very easy, but above all comprehensive access to the tools of digitization. With just a few clicks you have registered on the platform and can immediately use all possible functions and areas to implement your own projects for your company.

This means that Google Cloud Platform Services are not only the basis for digitizing your company, but also the key to more efficient data management. For this purpose, you get comprehensive access to a wide variety of solutions in areas such as storage, database, network or big data via Google's cloud service platform.

You will find all of these individual options ready for use on one platform. This enables you to digitally map and thus simplify even the complex infrastructures of your company. You also benefit from the flexible scalability of Google Cloud Platform Services, with which you can change your needs at short notice.

Google Cloud Platform Services with various solutions such as:

  • Computing & hosting services
  • Storage services
  • Database services
  • Network services
  • Big data services
  • Machine learning services

Tec Networks Cloud Services

Cloud Companion

  • Tec Networks as an experienced full-service cloud partner
  • Cloud competence team
    Architecture, review & support
  • Cost optimization
  • And much more

Cloud Support

  • Tec Networks unterstützt Ihre besondere Cloud-Umgebung
  • Unterstützung für Hyperscaler
  • Bei Bedarf kaufen Eskalationssupport
  • And much more

Cloud Consulting

  • Erfahrene Cloud-Ingenieure für Ihre zukünftige Projektumsetzung
  • Umfassendes Workshopangebot
  • Für alles Branchen und Unternehmensgrößen
  • And much more

Große Bandbreite und Funktionen mit individueller Anpassungsfähigkeit

With Google Cloud Platform Services, you as a customer have the opportunity to gain your needs freely. This is a big reason why you are away from home. Because here you pay for what you really needed and used.

You can also request the new storage space or cancel the old one. At the same time, you can flexibly concentrate on the various tools of Google's cloud platform services. Receive You receive competent technical support for skills and queries.

Ultimately, Google Cloud Platform Services also offer you rights and rights for your company. Especially in the course of digitization, companies should be able to map their own infrastructure more and more digitally. This also includes the Cloud Platform Services from Google Investments for other projects and rights.

The advantages of Google Cloud Platform Services at a glance

  • High reliability of the platform services
  • Massive data security & controls
  • Countless proven solutions on one platform
  • Digitization & expansion of your structures
  • Custom-fit individual needs adjustment
  • Flexible & uncomplicated scalability

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