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Co-Admin Support

Mastering challenges together



As a milestone in joint collaboration, we will conduct a design review to ensure functionality for the next steps.

Structural planning

We plan your IT system architecture together with your IT administrators. This gives you the opportunity to fully implement your requirements.

Joint meetings

We are always at your side. Shared meetings per month or quarter help make your administrators' support even more effective.

InCident Rights for your admins

With the Incident Rights your administrators have the possibility to book support services with us.
We offer you different availabilities and reaction times for your inquiries.


Availability 8x5

An availability of 8x5 means that your requests will be processed during the regular opening hours from Monday to Friday.

Availability 8x6

An availability of 8x6 ensures processing of your requests from Monday to Friday during regular opening hours and also on Saturdays.

Availability 24x7

The most comprehensive 24x7 availability allows you to process your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including prioritized ticket processing.


Response time 4 hours

If your system malfunctions, it will guarantee a response time of four hours for our support technicians. Within this time window, possible sources of interference are analyzed and investigated for the cause.

Response time 1 hour

With a guaranteed response time of one hour, our support engineers will handle your issue with a high priority. Their systems are examined for possible faults and the cause is determined.

Get your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

With the Service Level Agreement, you determine the response time, scope and availability of our support team. This contract is scaled by the number of systems to be monitored in your company.

Get your free consultation!

You want to provide your IT administrators with competent support? Then arrange a support consultation with our IT consultants. We are your strong and experienced partner in IT support.