Tec Networks -

Your IT partner with the cloud in their DNA.

Tec Networks is your accomplished and professional multi-cloud partner. Trust in over 15 years of experience with highly scalable IT.

Tec Networks -

Your IT partner with the cloud in their DNA.

Tec Networks is your accomplished and professional multi-cloud partner. Trust in over 10 years of experience with highly scalable IT.

About Tec Networks GmbH

Tec Networks has been providing companies with well thought-out, cloud-based solutions for their IT infrastructure since 2008 in order to be able to operate them reliably, securely and in a future-oriented manner. Our high technical competence, as well as years of experience in the implementation of customer projects, the transformation of outdated structures into modern, cloud-based solutions and our constant goal of optimizing our customers' business processes through modern technology are what sets us apart.



The cloud offers much more than the scalability of resources. It also offers the use of technologies that were previously associated with such a high financial outlay that they were reserved for larger companies or even corporations. IT security is a good example here, because with the help of the cloud, techniques can be implemented cost-effectively that significantly increase the security level of the entire IT infrastructure. We show our customers such innovations, implement them and develop an IT strategy with them that supports their business in the long term.


Developments in our industry continue to gain speed and modern IT systems are partly in the cloud, partly still on-site at the customer, which adds an additional level of complexity to IT. It is therefore particularly important to pay due attention to the entire construct so that availability and reliability do not suffer. We provide "state of the art" IT operations for our customers. In addition to system support and monitoring, this includes support for faults as well as a service desk to support end users.


We have been working with Microsoft as a partner since the company was founded in 2008. In 2019, as part of a comprehensive multi-cloud strategy for our customers, we expanded our cloud spectrum and today we no longer offer our services exclusively for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms, but also for Amazon Web Services, as well as the Google Cloud Platform Services.

Our customers value us as a competent and reliable IT partner for managed services, operating and cloud consulting.

Tec Networks as an IT innovation provider

The innovation cycle is an essential success factor for every company today and IT technology is playing an increasingly important role regardless of the industry. We make this potential tangible for our customers and see ourselves as IT innovators.

A modern IT infrastructure means more than just keeping everything running as it was before. We get to know the core business of our customers and show how technology can help to communicate faster, automate manual processes, replace paper with data and digital communication and much more.

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